Welcome to the Dijkman Klompen Studio

Is clog-making dull? Absolutely not! Enter the wondrous world of Dijkman Klompen Atelier. A world where craftsmanship, art, humour and adventure come together.

Nice to Meet You, Martin Dijkman!

Martin Dijkman is a craftsman clog maker. He works from his own studio in Luttenberg, where he and his partner Marijke warmly welcome you and are ready to give demonstrations, including at international trade fairs. His mission: to honour and preserve the old craft of clog-making. He uses plenty of creativity and humour to translate the craft into a product that is contemporary and appealing. Martin lives for clogs.


As well as wearable clogs, our shop also stocks wooden toys and local products. Lovely, irresistible small collectibles for those on a budget, as well as more exclusive items. Totally trendy: wooden tulips in various colours! And how about cloggy nest boxes?


Martin has been all over the world. He regularly receives invitations for international trade fairs. He has been to Mumbai (or Bombay), Shanghai, Moscow and New York, to name but a few.


LuttenbergThere’s more to it than meets the eye

Luttenberg, Martin’s home town, has a lot to offer. It is no surprise that the village is known as the one and only Pearl of Salland. Luttenberg is home to several tourist hotspots. Stunning nature, beautiful hiking and cycling routes across the Salland Ridge, highly recommended campsites and B&Bs. For information, go to www.leukluttenberg.nl

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